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On the Internet: Web Sites for IPOs

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The Internet is a great place to find stock market data, including information on initial public offerings (IPO) of companies. Generally, these sites provide registration statements that companies file with the SEC in advance of going public, and calendars that compile important IPO dates. Some sites offer detailed information on the offerings as well as follow-up data on how the stock performed after the first day of trading.

IPO Home
In addition to relevant IPO data, IPO Home offers basic information about the IPO process. The IPO Newcomer section offers definitions, explanations, tips and investment strategies on initial public offerings. The IPO FAQ page answers basic questions including: why a company chooses to go public, how to value new offerings and how to analyze foreign IPOs. Links to other sites, a glossary and a list of fun facts are some of the learning tools found in this section. Also available is advice and information on how to research and invest in IPOs, a chat room and information on underwriting firms.

IPO Marketwatch has breaking news and commentary as well as a top pick of the week. A list of hot and cold IPOs and a chart showing the total number of IPOs, total proceeds and average deal size for the past seven years are included also. Registered users have access to additional content in this section including information on how past IPO picks of the week have fared on the day of the offering and the percentage return since the first day of trading. Registration is free.

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