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I use Yahoo! Finance on a daily basis. After reading your article “On-Line Portfolio Managers” [July/August 2004 of Computerized Investing; available in the archives at], I realized there are a few important Yahoo! features you may wish to consider in your next article. First, in the product comparison grid, note that Yahoo! does handle options. When entering an option you must include the five-character symbol followed by a period and an X. For example, VONAH.X is the January 2007 $40 call option on AMZN.

Also in the grid, note that the export feature creates a CSV file. Of course, that is an ASCII file type. The export file is in strict CSV format with quote marks surrounding text fields and commas separating all fields.

Second, it is possible to import into a Yahoo! portfolio. If you have a list of symbols in a column in a spreadsheet or in a continuous string separated by spaces or commas in a text document, you can use Windows “copy to clipboard” feature to capture the list and then use “paste from clipboard” to paste the symbols into an edited portfolio. You can only import ticker symbols. But, still, this is very useful.

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