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The Top Technical Analysis & Charting Websites

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by Wayne A. Thorp

Two prominent schools of investment analysis are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis involves analyzing a company’s financial statements and health, its management and competitive advantages, and its competitors and markets. By contrast, technical analysis—in its purest form—assumes that all of these factors are reflected in the price of the company’s stock. As a result, technicians focus on the price activity and trading volume of securities to gain an understanding of the supply and demand to help them time buy and sell decisions. The hope is that the analysis of past behavior may uncover patterns that point to future price movements.

Even if they don’t consider themselves technicians, many individual investors employ some form of technical analysis when making investment decisions. This can range from simple chart analysis using technical indicators—mathematical manipulations of price or volume data—to employing advanced technical trading systems to decide when to buy and sell.

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Thomas from TN posted over 7 years ago:

Looks like good article but too long for me to read on the screen. Tried to print but some pages print with little or nothing like pages 9-11. And page 5 shifts to right when printed and cuts off the right side.

David from AL posted over 7 years ago:

Were you using the printer friendly format?

Shahul from GA posted over 7 years ago:

very good concise article .

Robert from PA posted over 7 years ago:

You missed an excellent site for technical analysis including charts, indicators, buy and sell signals and great market comentary: Recommend you consider a Free 30 day trial subscription by clicking on the Free Trial button at the upper right of that website's home page.

Ray from FL posted over 7 years ago:

I appreciate your effort at writing the article, but a little lengthy for me as well even in print mode.

Below are some other websites that I have used that compare favorably with what you have written about and some have rather comprehensive forums to gather information within.

I have used as well which is Worden Brothers TC2000 free basic service although there is a paid side to free stock charts as well. The downside with that website is the BATS exchange does not trade the volume and because of that price is frequently delayed substantially.

I have no ownership interest in any of the following nor do I receive commissions for mentioning them.

All have interesting tools and varying price points of membership.

Wayne from IL posted over 7 years ago:

Thank you for the comments. The websites discussed here are the ones I consider the best. This comparison is not intended to be a comprehensive list, as there are a number of quality sites and services out there.

Thomas from IL posted over 7 years ago:

Your article's length was find. Anyone finding this article too long to read probably shouldn't be trying TA and charting.

Thanks for you effort.

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