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I was wondering if you would suggest some more advanced spreadsheets or services for portfolio analysis than what Quicken and Microsoft Money make available. I do not need all of the bells and whistles of, say, CAPTOOL, but I would like to get more sophisticated asset allocation analysis than I can get with Quicken. I have yet to find anything that would allow me to create multi-level asset allocation tables of mutual funds and stocks showing how sensitive my portfolio is to interest rates or changes in the dollar.


CI Editor Responds: If you are looking for a detailed breakdown of your portfolio, Morningstar’s premium Portfolio X-Rays may fit the bill. X-Rays can break down your portfolio and present your holdings in different formats. Ten different premium service X-Rays can be displayed, including asset allocation, style box diversification, stock sector, stock type, world regions, and fees & expenses. Another premium X-Ray is the unique Stock Overlap X-Ray, which analyzes the diversification of your portfolios across mutual funds and among individual security holdings. Access to Portfolio X-Rays requires a premium Morningstar membership (, which costs $14.95 a month. A free 14-day trial is available.

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