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3G Watchdog Pro for Android monitors and predicts your mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) Internet usage.

With unlimited data plans a thing of the past for the most part, most smartphone and tablet users pay attention to their data usage to avoid overage fees. One way to keep track of your data usage is with an app. There are many out there for both iOS and Android devices. On the Android side, a popular one is 3G Watchdog and 3G Watchdog Pro. (Don’t let the name fool you: It can track your data usage over a 4G network as well.) Watchdog is free, while the Pro version, with greater functionality, costs $2.99.

3G Watchdog Pro is highly customizable in order to suit your data plan and usage. Some may find it a bit too customizable, as the app allows you to adjust over 15 settings. When you first start, you enter in your data limit and usage period (month, week, etc.). You can also set the day on which your plan starts, since it’s more than likely you will install the app in the middle of your billing cycle. You can set up billing rules to mimic those of your provider in order to make the measurement more accurate. You can also specify the frequency by which the data usage measurements are updated. Perhaps most importantly, you can set an alert for when you use up a certain amount of your data allowance.

3G Watchdog Pro lets you choose from six custom widgets that display the type of usage (what’s been used and what’s left) for the period. You can also have the widget show if you are using 4G/3G or if you are in danger of going over your data allowance.

There is also a reports page with four tabs: plan, day, week or (calendar) month. You can view your data usage when local or roaming.

To see which apps are the biggest data hogs, 3G Watchdog Pro allows you to view usage by application based on your plan, day, week or month. The app also allows you to treat apps differently. You can have it ignore apps that may not count against your data allotment, depending on your service.

Lastly, you can view a detailed history of your data usage, which you can export in CSV format.

Depending on your Android device, you may not be able to run 3G Watchdog Pro (one of the major knocks against the fragmented Android market). The app doesn’t work on two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. While the Pro version is much more robust, you may want to try out the free version first to get a feel for its features, and to see if it works on your Android device.

3G Watchdog Pro for Android

$2.99 (free version available too)


Jim Bahr from CA posted over 4 years ago:

I have been using the free version of this for several years and it works very well. Once setup properly with the correct starting and ending billing dates for your service it gives you a percentage of usage which I find more useful than the amount of data left when dialing my carrier.

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