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Importing User Data in Quicken

I have used Microsoft Money for nearly 10 years, but have not repeatedly upgraded with each new edition. Your article in the January/February 2009 issue [Feature: Money Plus Premium vs. Quicken Premier] has prompted me to question whether I should switch to Quicken. This leads to my question: Does each program have a feature that permits you to import data from the other? So, for example, if I buy Quicken, does it have a feature that would permit me to import all my MS Money data into it without having to re-enter it manually? And if there is such a feature, would the importation of data include account names, passwords for accessing my accounts at my investment broker, etc.? In other words, just how extensive is the import feature? How much data would I h

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Michael from VA posted over 5 years ago:

I would love to see Stock Investor Pro open sourced; this would be equally useful for Windows and Mac users as Linux ones.

This would provide a range of benefits:
- Developers would be able to customize and extand the result screens to fit their needs
- Community could evolve the program and add capabilities

Unfortunately, the current software is clunky (in terms of UI), not particularly customizable and seems to be evolving slowly. This is not to put down the effort that goes into it (automatic updates in 4.0 are great), but I feel the everyone would benefit from opennes.

Here some capabilities that community of end-developers could add:
- Customizable columns in screens (currently there are too many and are thus painful to use for sorting)
- Charting and comparing
- Exporting screen data to excel or other programs in user-custom format.

In any case, seeing the full source implementation would be quite instructional!

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