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Accounts and Budget

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Accounts & Budget is a program that allows users to create a budget and track their expenses and income. The freeware version allows you to manage one account. This could be a checking account, savings account or investment account.

The home page gives you the basic functions of the program for quick access. From this page you can easily enter a bank transaction. The program will ask you to specify whether it’s a debit or credit account, the payer or payee and which category it fits under, as well as several other options. A list of categories is already provided, but Accounts & Budget lets you add any other category that fits your needs.

You can import bank transactions easily from QIF, OFX, CSV or TXT files. If you know any of your future expenses ahead of time, Accounts & Budget lets you add future payment due dates to the program. If you just wish to view your transactions, click the transactions button at the top. The program will display your transactions for any given bank account in a list. For further analysis, you can choose to view only debit transactions or credit transactions.

The budget tab across the top lets users create a budget specific to their spending habits. Users can browse categories already created or click the drop-down icon to view subcategories. To add information regarding any category, double-click the title. Users create their own forecasts, either monthly or annually. The program will also let you enter a margin of error that you find acceptable.

Different types of budgeting balance sheets can be created. This is a different view than many other programs. Users can view an overall, category, payer/payee or budget balance sheet. Each different transaction type can be separated and viewed graphically, for those who benefit from viewing information visually.

Overall, Accounts & Budget is pretty basic budgeting software with more options for importing information and a different interface than other programs. One downside, however, is that the free version only supports one account; you can purchase the full version for about $39 ($28.70 EUR). There is a tutorial to help users figure out the program if they have any questions.

Accounts and Budget 6.0.5

System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Size: 6.36MB

Price: Free, $39 for upgraded version


Jim Stanton from WA posted over 4 years ago:

I wish the review had included an evaluation of the paid, upgraded version which is likely to be the one of most interest.

bluescreen from california posted over 4 years ago:

Being a Linux user I am very disappointed with the "computerized investing" section as it considers the world running on Windows XP, or maybe 7.
Anyway, luckily for me both Interactive Brokers' Trading Workstation and ThinkOrSwim are available for Linux.
As accounting and budgeting software goes I have been really happy with GnuCash (much happier than with Quicken or Quickbooks, and I guess I won't know if I would have liked Accounts & Budget).

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