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AceMoney Lite

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AceMoney Lite is a free download that allows users to organize and track spending. In addition to setting up bank accounts, you can also create reports and pie charts, get bill payment alerts and even track investment performance.

Enter your account information to keep track of your spending accurately. You can also download and import information from online banks in QIF and OFX formats. After your account has been created, the program lets you set up your bills and payments. AceMoney Lite caters to visual learners as well by presenting bills in list schedule format or calendar view. Payees are also added to the program, along with contact information, so users can keep all their payee information in one spot.

Users have the option to create and manage their own budget in AceMoney Lite. The program comes with 100 predefined categories, but you can also create your own. Once a budget is defined, you can track the difference between actual spending and budget values. With this feature, analyzing your spending habits is simplified.

Reports are easily generated by categories or payees, so asset allocation is efficiently analyzed as well. Some general reports that can be created are cash flow reports, spending by each account or transactions by criteria. The reports also allow the user to analyze their investment performance. Investments are manually added, or added through CSV files. AceMoney Lite will keep track of percentage changes to calculate gains/losses based on the purchase price.

AceMoney Lite offers several tutorials as well as a help center to thoroughly explain the capabilities of the program. AceMoney Lite offers all the same features as the non-lite version, however you can only manage one account in Lite.

MechCAD Software

System Requirements: Windows 7/8, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 x86 R2

Size: 6.35MB

Price: Free


Andrea Matthews from MA posted over 3 years ago:

Just FYI, according to MechCAD as of 1/23/2015, Lite supports 2 accounts, not 1.

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