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BudgetView is a personal finance program that displays your entire budget on one screen for added simplicity. The single screen organizes your budget in envelopes, with categories such as groceries, cellphone, auto insurance, etc.

BudgetView has a sleek design in comparison to other budgeting software. It has a monthly timeline across the top of the screen and boxes with envelopes underneath it. The boxes are labeled Fixed, Variable, Extra, Savings, Income and Accounts Balance. Within these boxes are envelopes for further organization. For example, under Fixed you could have an envelope for your Internet bill and under Variable you could have a clothing or groceries envelope. Under Income, you can have separate envelopes for multiple jobs or multiple people as well. Each envelope will show your planned amount and the actual amount spent, so you can see exactly where you go over budget.

For added convenience, BudgetView allows users to import accounts from their banks’ websites. If your bank doesn’t appear on the list that BudgetView provides, the program allows you to download files if they are in OFX, QIF or CSV format. Manually entering in transactions is also an option if you don’t want to import files.

BudgetView is a comprehensive personal finance program with a simplistic design that shows an overview of your entire budget on one screen. There is also an Android app available, which provides a summary of the five main areas of your budget (fixed, variable, savings, extras and income) and will sync to your account on your computer.


System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Size: 13.7MB

Price: Free


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