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by Wayne A. Thorp


Padded folio case for 13-inch Ultrabooks and MacBooks.

As notebook computers get thinner and lighter while at the same time battery lives grow longer, it's not always necessary to carry a laptop bag for your notebook and power adapter. However, it's still smart to protect your investment from life's bumps and jolts. Recently Digital Treasures introduced its PocketPro Padfolio case that lets you carry your 13-inch Ultrabook or MacBook in a padded pocket while keeping the rest of your documents organized.

The PocketPro Padfolio has a professional look to it, making it perfect for executives. The case is made out of black koskin—an artificial leather material—with red accents, giving it a bit of flair without drawing unwanted attention in the boardroom.

The main feature of the Padfolio is the zippered, padded pocket that can accommodate most 13-inch notebooks, including 13.3-inch Ultrabooks and the 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. The pocket held my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon snugly and securely and provides enough padding that I felt comfortable carrying my Ultrabook without its usual protective laptop bag.

There is a full-size pocket on the front side of the Padfolio that will hold several pieces of paper, but the fit is pretty tight, especially when you're already carrying an Ultrabook or Macbook in the zippered pocket.

Undoing the secure strap closure opens the Padfolio, where you'll find room for a letter-size writing pad, a zipper enclosure for letter-size documents, an ID or business card holder, five credit card slots and two pen/stylus holders. With my Ultrabook in the zippered pocket, there wasn’t much room for additional documents, but I was able to carry a writing pad and still close the Padfolio with ease.

I found the PocketPro Padfolio to be perfect for meetings where I knew I was going to need my Ultrabook and something to write on but didn't need the power adapter. I also started using it to take my Ultrabook home in a backpack instead of my laptop bag. The battery life of the Ultrabook is long enough that I didn't need the adapter overnight and the Padfolio offers enough protection that I wasn’t worried about carrying it in a standard backpack. Likewise, when I go to my local coffee shop to work, the Padfolio works equally as well.

Overall I am very happy with the PocketPro Padfolio case. It has a good, solid feel to it, which makes me think it will last me for a long time. It offers enough protection that I feel comfortable putting my Ultrabook inside and carrying them both in a non-padded bag. The case also allows me to carry papers and a writing tablet, which is pretty much everything I need when writing an article at my local coffee shop.

At $49.95, I also think the PocketPro Padfolio is a good value. It strikes me as a well-designed and highly functional folio.

Digital Treasures PocketPro Padfolio Case


Wayne A. Thorp, CFA is the senior financial analyst and a vice president at AAII. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII .

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