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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset provides transcripts of events that could impact stocks and their shareholders. On the site, users can get access to earnings events, business updates, sales calls, brokerage presentations, shareholder meetings, analyst events and more. Typically, many of these reports are not available without a subscription service, but offers users access to them for free.

On the home page, there is a table listing events scheduled for the day. The company’s ticker symbol, event time, report type and more is displayed in the table. Transcripts of the event are posted within one to two hours after they occur. Click View on the table and the report will pop up in another tab on your browser. There is a calendar button on the page where you can choose a different date in the past or future that will show events that have occurred or are scheduled to occur.

Under the Most Wanted tab, users can enter 50 tickers to follow. Users can receive emails regarding their chosen companies’ earnings and business update calls by registering at the site for free. This way, users won’t miss any events that could affect their investing decisions. A unique feature of the site is that under the My Events tab, users can choose events that they are interested in, and based on the number of votes an event receives, will automatically schedule the event as part of their live coverage.

Although the site does not provide all the transcripts for every stock, this is still a beneficial tool to help investors stay on top of the market.


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