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| | | COMMENTS (2) | A A   Reset, or Financial Visualizations, provides key market information and analysis. The goal of the website is to make market research and analysis readily available for investors in a visually comprehensive format. The site provides advanced screeners, market maps, analysis, comparative tools and charts. A snapshot of the major indexes are displayed on the home screen with an accompanying candlestick chart, so you can see the day’s market trends. There is a list of tickers on the home screen to show companies making the biggest up or down moves in the market. Major news headlines are listed as well. Another table shows the latest insider trading in the market as well as the specifics of the trade. Upcoming earnings releases are displayed too.

The News tab provides up-to-the-minute news for the day, with an exact time listed next to the news link. The news items link to various sources, such as Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg. The Screener tab provides many options for screening in a descriptive manner. You can set specific filters and create your own screens. The Map tab displays different markets, such as the S&P 500, World or ETF, broken down visually by industry and sector. The heat map is color-coordinated for quick, yet informative analysis. The site also provides tools to analyze the market based on groups. You can select a sector and a specified order to create a chart analysis based on an overview, valuation and several other options.

To create your own portfolio, you must sign up for the website; a basic membership is free. Once a portfolio is created, the site provides a breakdown of the securities. It will also display all recent news for any stock in your portfolio. If you click on an individual stock, the site provides all the financial calculations and upgrade/downgrade information. has a section called Collaborate, where you can discuss trading, investing and more with other peers and investors. You can create your own discussion channel or subscribe to a discussion. To subscribe to a channel, you need an invitation from a member. provides a list of stock brokers and all their charges. It also gives information on investment research and which programs are useful, as well as news and magazines that are beneficial to investors. Software and data information is provided too.

This website was overwhelmingly full of information and useful tools for any investor. It is very visual, but displays key figures that allow a viewer to focus on specific investments or the market as a whole. A guest can view the website for free, and a registered member can create portfolios and collaborate with others. An Elite version of the website is offered for $39.50/month, which provides access to all standard features, plus additional features like real-time quotes, pre-market data and advanced charting—just to name a few. Overall, this is an impressive tool for investors.

Price: free for basic registration; $39.50/month for Elite version


Jerry Kirkman from AZ posted over 4 years ago:

Finfiz is a great site for portfolios of stocks and etfs. Recent insider trades, mass screening of fundamentals and of technical indicators are some resources I enjoy using. The charts are readily available much like Sparkline's in Excel. In my estimation a great free site.

Michael Mullen from FL posted over 4 years ago:

An excellent resource for a quick "snapshot" of the markets in general and your own trading portfolio. I log in several times a day to get that overview and to be aware of market moves in my stocks.

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