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Computerized Investing > August 17, 2013

Federal Reserve

PRINT | | | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset is a website brought to you by none other than, of course, the Federal Reserve. Although it’s an organization that we’re all familiar with, many overlook the resources that are offered on their website. Having a reliable source on financial topics is essential, especially in a time where the market is so concerned about the Fed’s asset-purchasing program. The website tells you about the Federal Reserve and introduces the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

A tab titled News & Events includes features accompanied by speeches and testimonies. This is an important resource because there are often articles on market websites mentioning the Federal Reserve’s activity and their recent speeches, and the market reacts accordingly. By having access to the speeches given by the Board of Governors, investors can make their own informed judgments about what the speech entails.

Another tab provides information on banking and regulation. This will update viewers on banks’ legal environment, what has recently been implemented or what policies are in progress. One of the most interesting tabs, Economic Research & Data, shows information collected and researched by economists at the Federal Reserve Board. Board economists share their research at academic conferences and publish it in peer-reviewed journals. There are several different “working papers” listed, each available to download in PDF form, that address a wide variety of topics pertaining to finance and economics. The website also provides other research resources such as seminars and workshops. also provides a section with helpful information for consumers. The site is an essential resource for investors because they can not only verify government information being provided on third-party websites, but they can also perform their own analysis. Having a reliable source of information is an imperative part of economic analysis in today’s environment.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


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