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Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) App for iOS and Android

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The FRED app gives you access to a wealth of economic data from the St. Louis Fed.

The free FRED app for iOS and Android gives you access to a treasure trove of economic data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. With the app you have full access to over 140,000 economic data series from 59 regional, national and international sources.

After you install the app, you are able to start searching for data by category, release, source or popularity. FRED categories include academic data; money, banking and finance; national accounts; production and business activity; and U.S. regional data. You can also search for data by keyword or series ID. You can store your favorites for easy access at a later time.

When viewing a data series, you have the option of sharing data and graphs via email or posting them directly to your Twitter or Facebook account.

The amount of data you have at your disposal is difficult to fathom until you start digging through the layers upon layers of data series. If you are looking for some piece of economic data and can’t find it with this app, chances are it doesn’t exist.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) App for iOS and Android



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