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FinanceBase is a transaction-based budget management program that is useful for individuals as well as small businesses. You can download a trial version, which will appear as a demo with some information already input into the program. When the program opens, users begin by creating a code and password.

Once it’s downloaded, you will see several windows pop up within the program. If you click the Finances tab, you have several different options to explore such as: accounts, accounts summary, calculator, calendar and more. If you click on accounts, the demo version will show you several example accounts that are already added. To edit an account, double-click on the account name and a separate window will appear. In the separate window you can identify the specifics regarding that account.

If you click on the Finances tab and then Transactions, a window will pop up that lets you manage your most recent transactions. If you wish to add a transaction, you can again click on the transactions tab and then on “transactions download.” If you click import, files can be imported from your computer. Output from other financial applications can be imported into the program. You can also add a new record by clicking the “add new records” button on the toolbar. A window will pop up asking you to enter the date, description, amount, and any notes you wish to record. FinanceBase lets users create transaction cash flow reports as well as create cash flow projections.

If you get confused at any point while using the program, you can click File and then Help, and a separate help window will appear regarding the window that you are viewing in the program. FinanceBase is undoubtedly a more complex program for personal finances than some, but it includes several preference options and a help section to straighten out any problems. The version explained in this article is the Windows version, but by visiting you can download a Mac version.


System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

Size: 25.92 MB

Price: $29.99; free 31-day trial


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