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Fortora Fresh Finance

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Fortora Fresh Finance is a budgeting program for individuals who want to monitor their spending and expenses. When the program first opens it asks you for an activation code, but if you just want to try the software, click “remind me later.” From there, the software walks you through setting up your finances. You start by creating accounts which you can import from a QIF file. Some institutions allow a direct connection to be set up with Fresh Finance, but make sure you read the Help file regarding “direct connections” for specific logistics and important information.

Fresh Finance also prompts you to set up reminders regarding your bills or other general reminders when you start the program for the first time. If you choose to not do it immediately, you can always go back and add reminders. Reminders are green when a payment or other event has yet to happen, yellow when something is due that day, and red when something is past due. The home screen gives you an overview of your current finances.

Accounts are easy to set up and are accessible along the left-hand side of the program. You can quickly add an income or expense to any account by clicking on the account, then clicking “add item.” Once you’ve added a transaction, you can also specify when the income or expense has cleared. This is useful when you buy something or make a payment and the company doesn’t automatically deduct it from your bank account. To clear a transaction, check its corresponding check box or use the reconcile feature.

One interesting feature of Fresh Finance is that it lets you reconcile your bank account statement with the information you’ve input into the program. The budget progress indicator has three colors for expense items: green if you are within 50% of your allotted amount, yellow if you are beyond 50% of your allotted amount, orange if you are at 100% of your allotted amount, and red if you are beyond your allotted amount. A wide variety of reports can be generated, including a detailed cash flow, net worth, expense chart and more.

Aside from simple budgeting and transaction recording, Fresh Finance also allows you to keep track of your investment accounts. Overall, this is a useful program for individuals who want to track and monitor their spending habits. Fresh Finance offers a comprehensive Help file, which is convenient for users looking to explore each of the program’s features.

Fresh Finance 1.9.17

System Requirements: Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Size: 17.94 MB (for Mac), 5.4 MB (for Windows)

Price: Free to try (limited number of transactions), $49.99 to buy


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