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Home Budget Soft

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Home Budget Soft is a personal finance program that lets users manually track their income and expenses. It is easy to understand, as well as visually appealing. Once you start the program you will see six different symbols across the top: accounts, transactions, categories, payers/payees, exchange rates and settings.

First, you should start by creating different accounts by clicking “new account” on the accounts tab. From there, you will choose a name for the account as well as specifying its type, bank name, account number, currency and balance. You can specify whether it is a bank, credit or cash account, which makes it easier to keep track of where your money is located. Balances are displayed for each account in an easy-to-read view.

Before adding transactions, you will probably want to set up your payer/payee accounts and categories. On the payers/payee tab, you will see different tables: income by payers, expenses by payees, and net. Users have the option to view these sections in table form or as graphs. Down at the bottom of the program you will see a button titled “manage payers/payees;” click that button to add the payers and payees that you will need to enter transactions.

Once you’ve entered that, you can add your transactions on the transaction tab. You will need to specify which account the transaction is occurring in, and whether it is a withdrawal, deposit or transfer. The next step is to choose in which category and/or subcategory you want to classify the transaction. The program provides several predetermined options, but you can change or add categories based on your preferences. Once you add different amounts, regardless of the account they’re entered in, Home Budget will show an overall balance on the right-hand-side of the transaction. This is beneficial because you can see your overall net worth even while viewing individual transactions.

Home Budget Soft is a very simple budgeting program for individuals who want to track their income and expenses. You don’t have to worry about giving your bank information to a third party and you can create a back-up file for safekeeping.

Home Budget Soft

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7

Size: 31.12MB

Price: Free to try (15-day trial), $29 to buy.


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