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Liberated Stock Trader

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Liberated Stock Trader is a website focused on educating investors on how to trade. The authors based their site on the following principles: honesty, openness and empowerment. The website has several different educational services to meet a variety of needs, whether you are new to the stock market or already have some experience. The Trading Academy has a free version, and other educational services can be purchased for a price. Users can sign up to the site itself for free to gain access to different e-books and tools.

There is an archived set of articles on investing basics with titles like, “Stock Options – how can I profit from them?” and “The World’s Biggest Current Stock Market.” Under the “Fundamentals” tab, you can read several different articles outlining the basics of fundamental analysis for judging a stock.

The indicator tab gives a basic rundown of how to read different charts and indicators. The site also gives opinions on a variety of technical analysis software. A member dashboard, accessible after you sign up, displays what other tools you can access depending on your level of subscription. Articles and e-books can be viewed from this page as well as the main screen.

Even if you are interested in simply brushing up your knowledge on investing, this is a great website for educational subject matter. Using their free tools could be a great review of the markets, and paid subscriptions may allow you to learn new skills to stay on top of your investments.

Liberated Stock Trader


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