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Computerized Investing > November 9, 2013

McVerry Report

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by CI Staff

McVerry Report is a blog aggregator of more than 250 independent stock market timing blogs, containing “an overview of stock, ETF, commodity & market timing blogs, websites and other resources with a focus on technical analysis.” It pieces together information from other sites and conveniently displays it in one place.

On the front page of McVerry Report you will see the title across the top and a five-day U.S. market forecast on the top right-hand side. The site also explains how the forecasts are derived. McVerry Report attaches pictures or charts to each linked article, occasionally also including an explanation, to give users a quick peek at what the article is all about. Underneath each title you will also see the source of the article.

Once you find an article you’re interested in, you can simply click on the title or the chart and you’re automatically brought to the source. McVerry Report is very helpful for investors who enjoy reading blogs and want to view several different blog topics on one page. New sources are being added all the time, and the site encourages readers to suggest new websites to add as sources.

McVerry Report


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