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Moffsoft Free Calculator

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Moffsoft Free Calculator is a free calculator program that is more robust than the standard calculator that comes with most computers’ standard operating systems. Once you download it, it looks pretty similar to any other default OS calculator, but there are a couple notable differences: a printable and savable tape, double and triple zero keys, sizing capabilities, color schemes, and international help support.

The calculator tape to the right of the keys displays a running history of calculations, which can be very useful when performing calculations for an extended period of time. The information on the tape can be copied, saved, printed and cleared. Users can reuse a number on the tape by double-clicking the value. This feature is helpful in case you accidentally hit clear in the middle of a calculation.

There are several different memory functions. If the value you want to save is on the numeric display, you can click “MS” and the value will be visible on the status bar. To recall a value in memory you can click “MR.” For example, if you wanted to add 50 + 100 + 25 + 100 and you stored 100 in memory, you can click 50 + MR + 25 + MR. If you want to clear the memory you can click “MC.”

Overall, this program is a very basic calculator that just includes some additional features that a regular computer calculator doesn’t have. Moffsoft has a help file for individuals who want to learn more about the program’s functionality.

Moffsoft FreeCalc

System Requirements: Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP

Size: 764.09KBs

Price: Free


John Rose from NJ posted over 4 years ago:

The system requirements list OS only to XP whichetires in April. Is it usabe for 7 and 8. (Is anything usable with 8?)

M Sample from IA posted over 4 years ago:

Same question is this suitable for windows 7 & 8?

Bradley Gaylord from CO posted over 4 years ago:

It's a Cnet download comes complete with Conduit malware that is tough to get rid of; messes up browser and really slows computer.
Don't get near it.

F Krasowski from CT posted over 4 years ago:

Been using it for years. Especially the TVM and tape printing features.

I have version copyright 2004

Vernon Roberts from FL posted over 4 years ago:

Not real sure why anyone would want to use this calculator, but if you do and it doesn't work, windows 7 has a compatability mode setting - use the XP mode setting or use the XP virtual mode if you REALLY want it.

You can buy a far more sophisticated Real calculator for less than $10. I have $1 and $5 calculators laying all over the house as well as "antiques"--old HP programables.

Don't you just love the "new" commercial web? Picture resolution is horrible, type size is so small you can't see it, constantaly trying to get programs to work, constant problems and the "personal computer" (which started the whole thing) is now a thing of the past. Glad I still have everything I use on an old "air gapped" XP (that actually works the way *I* set it up). :)

Darrell Loutner from TN posted over 4 years ago:

I like Microsoft Mathematics:

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