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Computerized Investing > August 24, 2013

Money Manager Ex

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Money Manager Ex is a budgeting software package that enables users to keep track of their income and expenses and generate reports on their budget and spending habits. After downloading the program you have to create a database. You simply specify where you want your files to be saved, create a name for the files, then click save. After you save your database, a “New Database Wizard” window will pop up. You will be prompted to pick a currency and the wizard will automatically walk you through creating your first account, which can be any type of bank account.

Money Manager Ex then allows you to input each income or expense as it happens. Users can not only create bank accounts, but also stock, asset, or repeating transaction accounts. The program also allows you to create a budget for a month or year so you can later compare how you did against your budgetary goals. Budgets can be displayed either in calendar years or financial years. To add a budget, right-click on “Budget Setup” and a window titled “Budget Editor” will pop up. It will prompt you to add a month or a year. Once a budget is created, you can edit each category by double-clicking it. This makes it easy to specify what kind of account the budget is, the estimated versus the actual budget amount and more.

Users can create a wide variety of reports in order to analyze their budget and spending habits. This includes an overall summary as well as spending by each category, different payees, income vs. expenses and even transaction reports. All the different types of analysis are good for individuals who want to look at their budget in more than one way. Users can figure out which payee gets the most money versus which category they spend the most money in.

The only issue with this program is that it is all manual entry. Although this is a negative for some, it may be a positive for others, as some individuals are uncomfortable with entering their personal bank account information into a downloaded program. Money Manager Ex is a simple budget program for individuals who want to stay on top of their spending and keep track of where their money goes. This program has undergone several updates since its creation in 2007. The latest version,, was released in May of 2012.

Money Manager Ex

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS X.

Size: 3.58 MB

Price: Free


Jean P Bovet from CA posted over 3 years ago:

I can not follow Instruction to download Money Manager Ex for Mac OS X.10.8.4.
The moment I click on the download, it appears on the desktop, but get the message about Microsoft Window not supported on OSX when I tried to open it. I am on AOL in Switzerland until October:

Help... what do I do Wrong?

Jaclyn from IL posted over 3 years ago:

Maybe go directly to their website via this link and try to download the Mac OSX version from here.

Jean Bovet from CA posted over 2 years ago:

They had no Mac OSX version 10.8.4 listed and contacted them... waiting for their answer.


Jean Bovet from CA posted over 2 years ago:

They had no Mac OSX version 10.8.4 listed and contacted them... waiting for their answer.


Jaclyn from IL posted over 2 years ago:

I will try contacting them myself, sorry for the issues.

It's still showing online that the program can be downloaded onto a Mac from this site:

I think the comparable version would be 10.6

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