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Money on Thread 1.6.4

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Money on Thread is a personal finance program that displays transactions in a timeline thread. The transactions thread is in the center of the page, which allows you to view your financial history at a glance. The thread is a black vertical line with income displayed as horizontal green lines to the left and expenses as horizontal red lines to the right.

When adding a transaction, label it as income or an expense. Users can categorize their transactions or add descriptions, such as cable bill, tax refund, shopping, etc. Users can also label the transaction with “Multiple Instances,” which identifies it as a recurring expense such as rent.

After you finish entering the data of your transaction, the program will display it on the “thread” with the date of the transaction. You can edit the transaction by clicking on it. Along the right side of the program there is a calendar as well that you can add future events to.

Money on Thread allows you to view your spending in different formats other than the thread. One is called the Evolution Graph, which displays your spending as a line graph, with the dollar amount on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. The data can also be seen in list form, which just provides all the transactions in a simple list. A feature of the list is a transaction filter at the top of that page that allows users to search through their transactions. The Categories Report breaks down your spending habits into categories and displays it in a pie chart. This makes it easy to view what your money is being spent on.

Overall, it is a simple program that individuals can use to track their income and expenses. It shows your spending habits in many different views and the “thread” view is unlike many programs out there.

Sorinel Cristescu

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

Size: 5.54 MB

Price: Free without documentation; Help file can be purchased for $4.95


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