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by Wayne A. Thorp


App integrates the time, your calendar, news, commute time and weather into a single dashboard.

I recently came across the Morning iOS app and was intrigued by what it offers. On a single “dashboard” I can see the current time, my day’s appointments from the various calendars I have synced with my iPad, the current weather and even the current commute time to the office. At $2.99, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was disappointed to discover I was apparently expecting more than it delivers.

The app’s dashboard is split in two; the top portion has two panels and the lower portion has four. Users can populate the panels using any of eight categories: time/date, reminders, weather, news, events, stocks, commute and countdown. Depending on whether you place a content center in a larger or smaller panel, the information displayed in the panel will differ. For example, the smaller weather panel only displays the high and low temperature for the day, but if you place the weather center in one of the two larger panels, it will also give you relative humidity, chance of precipitation, dew point and wind speed/direction. In the news panel, you can customize the content by entering any website with a discoverable RSS feed or the URL of a specific RSS feed. Currently, the only default news source is The Times of London. When you see a news headline that interests you, tap on it and a separate browser window will open with the full article.

The app itself is very easy to use and has a clean look and feel. The panels are very easy to read as well. However, for $2.99 the app is too simplistic at this point to warrant paying for it. There are also some glaring omissions from the news feed, such as a Twitter feed.

This is an app that has a lot of potential, but right now it falls a bit flat. It is relatively new, however, so I am hoping the developers keep working on it to maximize its potential and usefulness. At this time, though, I would pass on paying for it.

Morning for iOS



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