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The Morningstar website has long been a favorite here at Computerized Investing. The site is a treasure trove of free and fee-based news, data and research on stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). With the release of iOS 7, Morningstar has released its own new app for the iPad that syncs with your existing account. For iPad users who frequent the Morningstar site, this is a must-have app.

After installing the app from the Apple App Store, you will find that its navigation is divided into three sections—Markets, Portfolio and Securities. The Markets Overview section is where you can see market activity, earnings and economic data and the latest market news. There is a ticker bar with major U.S. and international indexes; latest news headlines; the latest earnings announcements and economic reports; top gainers; a heat map of the U.S. market over the last day, week, month, three and six months and year; and performance of the Morningstar sectors over the same time periods.

Premium subscribers can access their portfolios from the iPad app. The iPad app offers snapshot, X-Ray and news & research views of your portfolios. The default snapshot display gives you the current state of your portfolio, with the price and overall market value of each position along with the dollar and percentage change in the holding for the latest trading period. There are also news and research links available. However, you can edit the snapshot view with such data points as portfolio weight; gain/loss since purchase (dollar and percentage); and Morningstar consider buying and selling prices. You can also edit, rename and delete any portfolios you have within the app. The X-Ray report allows users to track their exposure by style, region or sector. You can also keep track of the overall fees and expenses of a portfolio along with key stock statistics such as yield, price/book ratio, returns on assets and equity, and projected earnings growth.

Lastly, the securities section allows premium subscribers to access Morningstar analyst ratings and research reports along with detailed quotes on more than 40,000 stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. The research reports contain proprietary data points such as the Morningstar Economic Moat Rating, Morningstar Stewardship Grades and Morningstar Fair Value Estimate.

The app’s clean design and easy navigation are a bonus as well. This, coupled with the wealth of news, research and information you get with a premium Morningstar subscription make this one of the most useful apps you can have on your iPad. Premium memberships cost $22.99 a month or $199.99 a year and can be purchased from within the app using the credit card associated with your App Store account, or you can purchase memberships from the Morningstar website.

Morningstar for iPad



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