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Personal Finance Forecast

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Personal Finance Forecast is a tool that can be used to estimate annual cash and future net worth. Every calculation is explained, and descriptions of each function are built into the program to help you enter your information.

Once you download the program, you will begin to input your personal information. If you click on Setup, you will see the personal data page. The “first person” is whoever is using the program for analysis, but if you choose to add a second person (if you have a spouse, for example) you have that option as well. Users will enter their current age, employment start age, expected retirement age, expected private pension starting age and expected Social Security starting age. The ages that are entered are used in retirement, Social Security and tax-deferred savings distribution calculations.

Next you will go back to the Setup page and click on assets. Users then enter their taxable asset balance, total current debt, years remaining on debt and home assets. The program generates a net worth figure. Different “home status” options are available as well. You have different options that include: rent, rent but expect to buy, own but expect to rent, own, and own but expect to sell and buy again. From there you will enter specifics regarding your living situation.

Users will then return to the Setup tab and click on income to fill out their income levels, then the tax page to input tax information. On the expense page, you will see a list of different expenses. To change those figures, click on the title of each expense and it will be further broken down into specifics. Some of the expense categories include: home, medical, entertainment and gift, and food and personal.

On the assumptions page, the figures are estimated based on projections of future events. You are more than welcome to change the figures based on rates that you expect in the future. After all your figures are entered you can click on “graph” or “plan” to see your projected net worth each year until the age of 90. Users can choose to remove inflation from their figures as well.

Overall, the Personal Finance Forecast is an interesting application that can help you estimate your future expenses and net worth. Although its data is all derived from expectations and assumptions, it’s always good to have a general idea of your likely financial forecast. In the trial version you can’t save, copy or print your data, and some of the full program features are not available.

Personal Finance Forecast

System Requirements: Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Size: 508.42K

Price: Free to try (five-day trial), $5 to buy


David Hendricks from FL posted over 4 years ago:

I use Quicken Premier

Harold Walchli from PA posted over 4 years ago:

What about those already retired? Haven't tried it but wonde if you can put actual numbers even if in past.

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