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Personal Stock Monitor Gold 9.3.6

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Personal Stock Monitor Gold 9.3.6 is a financial download that allows investors to monitor their stocks and trade from home. It is an effective program for active market management and portfolio analysis.

The installation process and setup of Personal Stock Monitor Gold 9.3.6 are simplified with the program’s extensive tutorials. It provides convenience by allowing users to import CSV files to create their account. Users also have the option to set up an account manually. The Active Securities tab across the top displays all the securities by ticker symbol for the given portfolio. Users can create different portfolios at the bottom of the screen by right-clicking and selecting “new.” Another option is to select a security through the screener. From this screen, users can search by industry, share data, sales and profitability or valuation ratios. The program provides you with a stock and bond report as well as fund screeners; this comes in handy for making investment decisions. The transaction register is used to keep track of your current holdings and automatically calculate current value, change in value and realized or unrealized gain. The program provides automatic feedback on the effects of your trade without having to run separate reports. The Live Order History tab shows open orders in recent trading history. News headlines can be found for each ticker symbol.

Personal Stock Monitor can create capital gain and loss reports, as well as many other helpful reports on the portfolio. If you right-click on any security in your portfolio, several options appear. You can search through options available online or research through news online. The default program is picked by the user, so if you want to find out information about the company’s profile, competitors or charts, it will automatically bring you to whatever website you specified. Intraday, historical or portfolio charts can be created with a right-click of the mouse. There are so many different options with this program. Don’t get overwhelmed, however; several tools are provided to teach the user about the program. The Help dropdown menu at the top of the screen provides all these options, which includes a step-by-step tutorial. Personal Stock Monitor provides the user with a number of view options in order to increase efficiency based on preference. Chart drawing is simple, and you can use it on all the stocks in your portfolios.

Personal Stock Monitor Gold is a basic, yet efficient program. It is very beneficial for those who want to stay on top of their stocks and portfolios. This program has been reviewed in the past, but the 9.3.6 version is more up to date, has fixed past bugs as well as other loading issues. There is a free 30-day trial, so if you aren’t sure on whether you want to spend the money on the program or not, check it out for free.

DTLink Software

System Requirements: Windows 7, 2003, Me, 98, 2000, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008
Size: 9.52MB
Price: free for 30-day trial; $49.95 to buy


VL from CA posted over 5 years ago:

I believe PSM has been discontinued and no longer available.

Ray Racine from NH posted over 5 years ago:

the company is closing down.

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