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Shares 2 is a simple-to-use iOS app that tracks the daily and overall performance of your stocks and funds.

There are times when investors want in-depth research and analysis of their portfolio, but other times they just want to know their current portfolio balance and activity for the current trading day. Shares 2 satisfies the latter. This simple iOS app lets you enter in your stock and fund holdings—the number of shares and the price you paid—so it can track your daily and overall gains and losses.

This app isn’t free; in fact, the $4.99 price tag seems a little high for what the app does. But after using it for a while, we started to change our mind.

After purchasing and installing the app on your iOS device, you are prompted to start entering in your holdings. You type in the ticker and the company or fund name will appear. According to the app’s creator, you can enter in shares from a number of U.S. and international exchanges, including NYSE, NASDAQ, London, Euronext, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto, Frankfurt, OTC markets, and more.

After tapping on the desired company or fund, you proceed to enter in the number of shares you own and the price you paid for those shares. If you’ve made multiple purchases of the same company or fund, you can enter multiple lots, with differing numbers of shares and purchase prices.

Once you’ve entered in your holdings, the app gets to work. There are three summary screens that you can swipe through—today, total gain and total value. The today screen shows the dollar and percentage gain or loss for each of your holdings and the overall percentage or dollar gain or loss for your portfolio of holdings. You toggle between dollar and percentage gains/losses by tapping the today screen. The total gain screen shows the total dollar and percentage gains for all of your holdings and overall portfolio. Again, you toggle between percentage and dollar gains by tapping the screen. Lastly, the total value screen shows the dollar value of each of your holdings and overall portfolio. On each of the summary screens you can tap an individual company or fund to see gain and loss data specific to that holding.

If you have stocks in multiple countries, share value will be shown in the currency you choose. Exchange rates are kept up to date automatically.

Shares 2 is a portfolio tracker; nothing more, nothing less. You don’t get charts or company news. The app shows you the daily and overall gains and losses in your individual holdings and for the overall portfolio. This limited functionality may have some users grumbling about the price, and we wouldn’t blame you for doing so as well. However, there is something to be said about the app’s ease of use and simple design. It does what it claims to do to very well and in a very user-friendly way. It is this for this reason we give this app a qualified recommendation. If you are looking for an app to track your portfolio and aren’t turned off by the price, Shares 2 is definitely worth a look.

Shares 2 for iOS



Dan Varon from MA posted over 4 years ago:

Compare this with It may give you the same, or almost the same, for free.

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