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Social Security on your smartphone.

While not technically an app, the Social Security Administration (SSA) recently launched a website specifically for smartphone users. Users of Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows smartphones who visit the SSA site will be automatically redirected to the mobile-friendly site.

The mobile site is easy to navigate, even on a small screen of a smartphone, and is broken down into different colored tiles pertaining to different information centers. If you need a new or replacement Social Security Number (SSN) card, the SSN section identifies the documents needed. The mobile FAQs allow you to type in key words to get specific information. The Publications section is broken down into topic areas such as disability, Medicare, retirement and the appeals process. Information is available in PDF format or you can even listen to the information in either English or Spanish.

With the mobile site, visitors can also create a personal my Social Security account, which they can then use to get an online Social Security Statement; learn about the SSA’s online services; and connect with the SSA via social media. For those looking for the nearest Social Security office, the mobile site can also provide turn-by-turn directions.

Social Security Mobile Site



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