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Stock Market Eye

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Stock Market Eye is a comprehensive portfolio tracking program that investors can use to stay on top of their investments. It allows you to easily add your investment accounts directly from your brokerage accounts (if your brokerage account is compatible with the program) as well as generate reports and watchlists.

Once the program is opened it will ask you whether you want to import your data from select brokerage accounts, import OIF files or create a new watchlist. One portfolio and three default watchlists are automatically created for you. The program includes a 401(k) portfolio tracker, and the watchlists track indexes and overweight or underweight stocks. You can keep these options or delete them. If you create a watchlist, Stock Market Eye makes it easy to add a security to it: All you have to do is click the “add” button and type the ticker for the security that you want to add. Information for the security is provided by Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance. (Stock Market Eye can track forex prices using the currency pair symbols for Yahoo! Finance, so users have the ability to include currency pairs in their portfolios or watchlists.) Along the left-hand side of Stock Market Eye you will see all of your portfolios and watchlists listed along with their daily percentage change and overall percentage change in value.

Securities in a portfolio or watchlist are accompanied by pricing information as well as a separate tab regarding fundamental ratios and figures. The program lets users set alerts for any security, which is a helpful feature for many investors. If the user has purchased the Stock Market Eye application for their iPhone ($1.99), alerts can be forwarded to their mobile device.

Underneath the watchlist you can view a chart for any given security. The program offers many different time horizons, chart options and technical indicators. One especially useful feature is the ability to export historical price data as a CSV file for use in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Stock Market Eye lets you change the size of the text in the watchlist and portfolios table, so there is a lot of room for customization.

One new feature is the program’s benchmark performance comparison capability. By default the system compares your portfolio to the S&P 500 index, but that can be changed under the Portfolio Settings window. Users can also set a benchmark total return, compound annual growth rate, internal rate of return and more. This program is updated often and new compatible brokerage accounts are always being added.

Stock Market Eye v3.1.5

System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, Mac OSx

Size: 26.58 MBs

Price: $59.95; free 30-day trial


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