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Stock Sector Monitor 2.34

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Stock Sector Monitor 2.34 is a personal desktop financial program that allows users to monitor over 200 stock industry sector groups and over 7,000 public companies listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and Amex. It was last updated January 2013 with the latest version, 2.34.

This program lets you easily find daily top gaining and losing stocks in each sector. Sectors are broken down along the left-hand side of the program in an easy-to-understand layout. The program lists each industry as well as all of the sectors within each industry. Each company’s ticker symbol and name are provided along with key statistics such as current quote, percentage change and more. Quotes can be exported by clicking on the “File” tab at the top. Companies can be added or deleted from each sector by selecting “Edit.” Investors can also create their own groups if they desire. Users can click “Show” to access a given security’s chart, news, or reports. If you click any of these options, a separate window to Yahoo! Finance will pop up in your Internet browser with more detailed information.


This is an updated version and has a free 10-day trial. After that the program will cost $49.95, which may not be worth it for some investors. It is a useful program, however, to get an overview of each company and compare its performance to its industry or sector peers.

Stock Sector Monitor 2.34

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Size: 838.32 KBs

Price: Free 10-day trial. $49.95 to purchase.


Bernard Hall from OH posted over 4 years ago:

IS $ 49.00 the final price for this software or a rental charge by year or month. ? I AM A MEMBER OF AAII.

Steve Goodman from TX posted over 4 years ago:

Do I need to subscribe to an update service to use this tool?

Jaclyn from IL posted over 4 years ago:

$49.95 is the price to own the program indefinitely as far as the company has stated thus far but of course that could change. If it did, I don't think it would be apply to individuals who purchased the program at the stated price.

Steve - the program did not indicate that you need to subscribe to an update service. Ashkon Software created this program. The link to their site:

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