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StockMonkey is a free download that allows users to easily calculate complex statistical information. Although many investors find calculations to be an easy part of their process, StockMonkey can be used as an additional tool. It is a simple calculator that appears on your desktop as a small unobtrusive window.

There are three different tabs available once the program is downloaded: Variables, Calculate, and Results. The variables include different factors that may influence your trades, including commission rate and several different marginal purchase factors. This program differs from many other calculators in that it has more variables than a typical buy and sell stock calculator. Because there are more variables, the results are likely to be more accurate. StockMonkey provides online help that explains what each tab is as well as what each variable means. The calculator has the capability to provide results in dollars, pounds or euros.


The results provide information regarding the amount you’ve risked, your breakeven point, the amount you lost to fees and much more. Another useful function of StockMonkey is that the results can be saved to a file. By simply clicking “save output to file,” the user can save their calculations in text format for future reference. Overall, StockMonkey is a simple calculator that can assist investors on calculating statistical information with ease.




MonkeyJob Systems

System Requirements: Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP

Size: 1.27 MB

Price: Free


Avraham Melamed from NY posted over 4 years ago:

I failed to get this utility installed by opting to download it then run the downloaded exe.

On a 64 bit Windows 7 machine it indicated a conflict with the operating system.

On a 32 bit Windows 7 machine it indicated encountering an illegal instruction.

Am i the only one experiencing it?

Dan Smith from MS posted over 4 years ago:

I'm having the same problem.

Wesley Fleming from AL posted over 4 years ago:

Same here

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

Have you tried running it an an administrator or in compatibility mode?

Jim Robinson from UT posted over 4 years ago:

Don't waste you time, unless you want 3 backdoor programs installed and your home page reset for your browser. I would think that AAII would be more careful to make sure what they are recommending is better than this garbage.

Kenneth Ford from TX posted over 4 years ago:

So, come on AAII, are you guys going to respond to this? Sure sounds like a nifty little calculator that I would like to have access to but I don't want the problems these other folks have had. I did notice that under SYSTEMS REQURIMENTS it didn't mention Windows 7. Could that be the problem?

Victor Mullins from CA posted over 4 years ago:

I have to agree with Mr. Thorp; if the program is not specifically designed to work under Win 7, you would most likely need to install it with administrator rights and use compatibility mode. I can not speak as to Mr. Robinson's comment as to the security of the product... I myself have not tried it (yet?)

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