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Stockalyze Lite

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Stockalyze Lite is a free-to-download program that performs technical analysis on stocks. Once you download the program, it will ask for an email address to activate an account. The program accesses free data from Yahoo!, so any security that has accessible information on Yahoo! Finance can be analyzed.

To begin analyzing, you click the “Stockalyze” tab located in the upper left-hand corner of the program, then click “new chart.” A box will pop up showing all the stocks listed on several different indexes. When you choose a stock, a chart will automatically pop up on the screen. The default setting is a candlestick chart, but users can choose between candlestick, OHLC bar or line. Across the top of the program and on the right-hand side of the program, users have several different options for analyzing the stock. You can choose the interval for the chart displayed; the standard is daily, but investors can also choose weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals. The chart type can be changed through quick-link buttons along the top of the program. One useful feature that Stockalyze supports is the ability to zoom in or out on a particular chart.

There are several different indicators that can be added to the chart. These include momentum, cycle, volatility, volume and price indicators, as well as different overlap studies. These indicators can be added to a particular chart or template. Stockalyze allows for customization in terms of different types of lines or colors. Any chart can be saved or exported.

Along the right-hand side, Stockalyze includes several different drawing options for users. By clicking on a particular type of line you can draw directly onto the chart, allowing you to identify and label trendlines. If you want to add notes onto a particular chart, that function is available as well. If you upgrade to Stockalyze Pro there are several additional features available, including a feature that automatically detects candlestick patterns, double-tops and head-and-shoulders patterns.

Overall, Stockalyze is a basic technical analysis program with a robust free version. If you wish to receive additional features, you can download the Stockalyze Pro version for $49.90.

Stockalyze Lite

System Requirements: Windows Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8.

Size: 8.31MB

Price: Lite version, free. Pro version, $49.90.


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