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StocksAloud is a program that tracks stocks and indexes. The distinction, as the name implies, from other similar programs is that StocksAloud allows the user to have the program read updates aloud. Quick updates as well as detailed updates are available. Stock price, changes and trading ranges are all compiled, and can either be read aloud or displayed as news feed. The user picks which stocks they want to keep track of, and the program automatically updates them on specified intervals. If you double-click the StocksAloud icon, a quick summary is given for all the securities or indexes you’ve selected. Each stock or index has its own tab as well, so the user can see an overview including last trade, change or day range. You can also click “more information,” which links to details, news, charts and research.

The auto-speak option is the most innovative aspect of the program. The sound can easily be turned off, so no verbal updates are received. StocksAloud provides both quick updates as well as in-depth updates. Prices and news can be read aloud. When the program is minimized, StocksAloud has a small icon in your system tray on the start-bar near the clock that changes colors when new news is available. If you place your mouse over the icon and click the left mouse button, a convenient pop-up window will give you a quick summary of your portfolio. The program does, however, need direct access to the Internet, so an Internet connection is necessary for its function.

Overall, StocksAloud is an easy-to-use program that gives basic stock updates and news. Hovering over a button shows an explanation of what it does, and its Help tab is thorough, so the program is easy to learn. The read-aloud option can help you keep tabs on your portfolio without disrupting your other daily activities. A 15-day trial is available for free.


System Requirements: Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP

Size: 4.395 MB

Price: Free 15-day trial; $19.95 to purchase


Bernard Katz from VA posted over 5 years ago:

I wish to heck that on the "front page" when it has "download" or gadget of week, "read more" that perhaps you should indicate whether what the charges/costs will be or if a free-load or what. Do I want to really read more to find out I get 15 day free try-out, and then will pony up $75 for a 3 month subscription?
This practice of yours reminds me of online buying where you "finally" discover the S&H charges to have the product sent to you will be at the very end, after in-putting all the "necessary info." Often, that cost will determine (occasionally) if you care to buy the product!

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