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TakeStock 2

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TakeStock 2 is a software program that allows users to monitor and evaluate their actions in the market. Once the program is downloaded, you can begin to create your portfolios. After clicking on Portfolios, the program displays two different columns: current value and performance. The current value tab will give you a balance on each portfolio that you’ve added, and the performance tab will show your total gain or loss on a cost basis.

To create a portfolio you click “New” from the portfolios screen. TakeStock asks you to include a name for the portfolio along with any comments you want to add. Once the portfolio is created, you can begin to customize it and add your holdings and transactions. The program lists different tabs to easily navigate each portfolio: Held, Sold, Transactions and Performance. Before you start to add transactions, click new and add a cash balance. This is also how you will add any cash deposits that you input into a portfolio.

At the bottom of the TakeStock window, users can get quick access to different securities. There is a search bar to input tickers. If you click a little symbol that looks like a chart, another window will pop up displaying the security’s chart. Users can change the type of chart, compare it to an index and add indicators or moving averages. From the main window you can also click a letter “i” symbol that brings you to Yahoo! Finance and displays information on the ticker symbol you’ve input into the search bar. Another button along the bottom will pull up historical quotes.

This program in an update from the previous version of TakeStock and is regularly updated with bug fixes. It’s a simple program for investors to use in order to keep track of their portfolios. Although a brokerage account may offer a more comprehensive analysis, if you have accounts with different brokers it can be helpful to compile all investments in one place. The best part about it is that it’s free.

TakeStock 2

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Size: 1.18 MB

Price: Free


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