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The Verge

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The Verge is a website designed to offer in-depth coverage of a wide array of topics that include technology, science, art, culture and more. It has a visually compelling design that makes it different than many other sites, as well as making the site easy to navigate. It also outlines new product information and provides user forums for discussion.

There are several different tabs that help you navigate through different categories of articles. For example, if you hover over the “Business” tab, you will see at the bottom “business” or “policy and law.” Once you click on the business tab, you will see different boxes of articles in different colors. The titles of the articles are accompanied by the author’s name and typically a graphic.

The “Tech” tab is another useful source, full of informative articles about products and technology companies. Articles are easy to understand. Viewers can also comment on any articles they wish. After you click on an article, the site displays tab buttons at the top to move forward or backward in order to view other articles. This makes surfing between articles easy and efficient.

Another section that users find helpful is the “Forums” section. Here you will see different forums such as: Apple core, gaming, Microsoft tribe, mobile and more. Once you click on a forum of your choice you can join in on the varied conversations taking place, or start a new one. The site also tells you which threads are recently active, recently posted to, and popular within the last day. The forums are a great way to interact with others and get different perspectives.

Overall, the Verge provides plenty of articles that are entertaining to read and relevant, making the site a good source for individuals who want to stay on top of hot topics.

The Verge


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