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TradeTrakker 2.93

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TradeTrakker is a user-friendly program for managing your portfolio. It helps investors track their portfolios and stay on top of their overall equity and value.

When the program begins, it asks you to input a ticker symbol for your stock or mutual fund. You input how many shares of that particular stock or mutual fund you have. TradeTrakker adds the equity to your portfolio. Stock prices are updated with a 20-minute delay. To get a stock price in real time, you have to sign up for (free registration is required), which TradeTrakker provides the link to under the Web Links tab.

TradeTrakker allows users to create several different portfolios as well as different groups within the portfolios, based on user-specified parameters (IRA, stock sector, etc). When entering each stock, the program asks a series of questions involving your common strategy and share purchase price. You can also choose to set a price alert or volume alert for each stock or mutual fund, so the program will notify you when prices go above or below a specified amount. This way, you don’t have to continually be checking TradeTrakker to ease your worries. Another option is to include a ticker bar that sits at the top of your desktop screen. This bar includes all the major indexes and a couple individual stock prices. TradeTrakker allows users to export all the data into Excel and users can print summaries and detailed reports too.

There are many different options for customization as well. You can edit your preferences, stock groups, trade lists and indexes displayed. Once all of your mutual funds or stocks have been added to your portfolio, the current price, current value, your gross gain and more are shown for each security. TradeTrakker also provides the 52-week high and low, the year-to-date and volume. These can all be viewed on the main screen for each stock or fund. A convenient feature of TradeTrakker is that it displays the day's total gain or loss based on the information you provided about the purchase price and number of shares. You can view your securities’ values, your cash reserve and the total value of your portfolio on the main screen.

Keep in mind that in order for the stocks to continually update, you need to be connected to the Internet. TradeTrakker is a powerful financial portfolio management application that doesn’t require laborious input to figure out. Its Wizard feature simplifies data input and use of TradeTrakker.

Hagel Technologies Ltd

System Requirements: Windows 7, 2000, Vista or XP

Size: 1.4MB

Price: Free for 30-day trial; $34.95 to buy


Jeffrey Marchant from IN posted over 5 years ago:

As a linux user, unless I use wine, I can't use it. I can and do use Finviz to do the same thing.

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