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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset showcases a community of bloggers who write about how to adopt a money-saving lifestyle. This free personal finance website provides viewers with tips on smart shopping, financial advice, career and money-making ideas, and other general “know-how” topics.

Across the top of the site, there are eight different tabs. The Personal Finance tab offers several easy-to-understand tips, tools and guides for tracking money. Popular articles will automatically be displayed, so you know what other viewers have found interesting. There are sub-tabs within personal finance, such as banking, investment, retirement and more. Another tab is Frugal Living, where you will find ideas on “how to stretch your dollar without sacrificing your favorite luxuries.” Article topics include budgeting, home, lifestyle and much more. The Career tab provides readers with different career-building topics as well as free resume tools and articles on how to write an effective craigslist ad. The Best Deals tab compiles a list of the day’s bargains from various websites, including savings on software. An added benefit of is that it offers a coupon database, where you can view the list of coupon codes from a wide range of stores and websites, such as Macy’s; you can also search through the database for coupons. Viewers can sign up to get Wise Bread’s deals emailed to them directly as well.

Overall is an advantageous website that provides articles on how to save money and spend money more efficiently. It serves well for all ages, income levels and purposes.

Wise Bread



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