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YourMoneyGuard is a calendar-based software program that allows users to manage and organize their personal finances. When you first download the program, you need to extract the files to a folder of your choice on your computer. Once that is completed, click on the YMG Application to begin.

The first thing you will see is a calendar of the current month. Along the left-hand side, you can edit your calendar options by choosing a month or choosing which accounts you want to display on the calendar. Along the top of the program you will see the “accounts” button. After you click on it, you can add different income or expense accounts. If you accidentally delete an account you can quickly and conveniently retrieve it by going to the menu and clicking edit, then undo.

Transactions can be added by clicking directly on a specific date on the calendar. From there you will specify the transaction and place it in a customizable category. Not only can you add your own categories, but you can create subcategories. If you have recurring transactions, a button across the top allows you to easily add them. Transactions can be exported and imported via text, CSV and QIF files.

The program also lets you add limits on different categories. All you have to do is click on the “limits” button and manage each category and subcategory from there. Reminders can be added to the program and accessed by clicking “reminders” on the top of the program.

By clicking reports, users can see different trends regarding their spending habits. Trends can be separated to show only income, expenses, balances, categories and subcategories. If you click “total” you can see summarized data about your income, expenses and categories. Charts that are generated in the program can be saved to your computer. YourMoneyGuard comes with savings, loan, mortgage, future value and retirement calculators.

Overall, it is a very simple budgeting program for individuals who find tracking their income and expenses important. Its calendar form is very helpful for those who are more visual thinkers. Also, no bank account information needs to be input into the program.


System Requirements: Windows Vista, 7

Size: 2.43MB

Price: Free to try (100-transaction limit), and $14.95 to buy


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