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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset is a trading website run by Lance Beggs, an Australian author and trader who has written several books on trading. His site is full of useful resources that help coach investors through trading strategies.

The website contains articles that each cover different topics on trading, many of which will walk you through frequently asked questions. Beggs answers reader-submitted questions with an engaging mix of words and images. He annotates charts to give readers real perspective on his thought process. In addition to his articles, he also includes a list of videos that he has put together on different charting techniques.

The website includes past articles as well as a blog with a variety of educational topics and pictures. Your Trading Coach (YTC) also has an educational series on trading that you can access under the “Resources” section. The site provides information on how to access both YTC resources and other educational resources for traders. Longer trading courses are also available. Links along the left-hand side of YTC lead viewers to book titles that Beggs feels are essential for trading education. His print books can be ordered from third-party websites; he also features e-books available for download. Viewers can also sign up for a newsletter subscription or take a trading course.

Overall, this is a very useful site for individuals who are interested in learning more about technical analysis. Beggs seems to be very involved with the website and demonstrates strong knowledge of the topics he addresses.


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