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RSS feeds are a popular method of sharing content without requiring readers to constantly visit a Web site to see new material. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”

AAII offers RSS feeds that let you immediately know when new content has been added to

RSS Feeds Offered by AAII

RSS Feeds on a Google Home Page

AAII’s RSS Feeds

All AAII members can sign up to receive notification when AAII’s Model Portfolios, Stock Screens, Sentiment Survey and the AAII Journal have been updated on our Web site. Subscribers to Stock Investor Pro, Computerized Investing, and the Quarterly Low-Load Mutual Fund Update can also receive notification of newly posted data.

To sign up for AAII’s RSS feeds, go to

How to Subscribe

There are a number of ways to access AAII’s RSS feeds.

If you have an E-mail account with Yahoo!, AOL or Google, you can easily add the feed to your customized home page. If you do not have an account with any of these sites, you can create one for free. To add the feed, simply go to, click on your chosen Web portal, then follow the prompts. You can usually move the feed box anywhere on your home page for the site.

For other ways to subscribe, click on the orange icon in the RSS Format column next to the name of the feed you would like to receive.

To create your own customized page for receiving feeds, you can download a dedicated RSS reader; the choices are listed in a drop-down box. These RSS readers run on your desktop and act like common E-mail software.

Alternatively, newer versions of the Web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari have built-in RSS readers, allowing you to simply add a “live bookmark” to your Favorites list by clicking on the View Feed XML button.


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