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Over the last few years, the social media arena has exploded on the Internet. Social media typically is considered to be user-generated content, meaning the people who use the site are the ones posting the information.

New content is being posted on regularly. We offer numerous ways, including a few social media tools, to keep members current on the new information posted on In addition, you can be informed of articles and content from other investing Web sites and resources that AAII editors find interesting.

AAII also offers discussion boards, which allow members to ask questions and discuss a range of investing topics.


@CI_Editor on Twitter

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Twitter is a microblog that allows only 140 characters per posting, called a “tweet.” You can follow other members of the Twitter community and garner your own following by entering unique tweets or re-tweeting what other users have written.

AAII’s editor of Computerized Investing, Wayne A. Thorp, CFA, tweets when new Computerized Investing articles are posted to the site. He also shares links to other articles, discussions and commentaries about investing. You can become a follower by going to

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” RSS feeds are a popular method of sharing content without requiring readers to constantly visit a Web site to check for new content. AAII offers RSS feeds that let you immediately know when content has been added to

Feeds for AAII Members

All AAII members can sign up to receive notification when AAII’s Model Portfolios, AAII Stock Screens, the AAII Sentiment Survey and the AAII Journal have been updated on the Web site. Subscribers to Stock Investor Pro, Computerized Investing, and the Quarterly Mutual Fund Update can also receive notification of newly posted data.

How to Sign Up for the Feeds

There are a number of ways to access AAII’s RSS feeds. If you have E-mail accounts with Yahoo! AOL or Google, you can easily add the feed to your customized home page. If you do not have an account with one of these sites, you can create one for free. Then, to add the feed, simply click on the search engine of your choice at the AAII RSS page and follow the prompts, which typically involve clicking “Add to home page.” You can also typically move the feed box anywhere on the page.

Another option is to create your own customized page where you can receive feeds from To do this, you need a dedicated RSS reader. Some readers run on your desktop and act like common E-mail software, while others are Web-based. You can subscribe to AAII’s feeds using an RSS reader by clicking on the orange RSS icon next to the feeds you would like to receive. Your browser will open a new page with the chosen feed. You can then add this Internet page to your Favorites for easy future access. To sign up for AAII’s RSS feeds, go to


CI on Facebook

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Facebook is a free social networking site. Anyone can join and create a profile page. Computerized Investing has a Facebook group page that keeps members up-to-date on new data posted to the CI area of You can also interact with others on the discussion board and post comments or questions on the “wall.” To become a group member of Computerized Investing on Facebook, search for Computerized Investing after logging in to Facebook. At the Computerized Investing page, click on “Join the Group” on the right side of the page.

Discussion Boards

AAII Discussion Boards Area

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AAII’s Discussion Boards are members-only forums that offer a way for members of the AAII community to interact with each other, exchange investing ideas, discuss hot topics, share experiences and more.

You can find a link to the Discussion Boards on the top menu bar on the AAII home page, or go to

You must register separately to use the Discussion Boards by filling out a simple form. An automatic E-mail will be sent to your preferred E-mail address from Once you receive the E-mail, you will be given a link to access the boards and a username and password, which can be changed after logging in.

First-time users should start by reading the FAQ section (a link is available at the top of the Discussion Boards home page). You will learn more about registering and logging in to use the forums, how to respond to existing discussions, and how to create new topics.

The Discussion Boards are broken down by topic, and then are grouped by more narrow subtopics. The Portfolios group includes discussion forums for AAII’s stock screens and model portfolios. The Investing Topics group includes the subtopics Computerized Investing, investing basics, stocks, bonds, funds/ETFs, portfolio management and Stock Investor Pro. Finally, the General topic group is for “Watercooler Talk,” which includes all hot topics outside of investing.

You can customize many features in this area as well as send and receive private messages to and from other members. Other functions include searching by keyword, changing the layouts of topic views and color schemes, blocking users, and subscribing to forums that send a notification when new comments have been posted.


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