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Michael Showalter from WA posted over 3 years ago:

Mr. Selnick, probably one posting would have been too many. I am confident that the staff at CI would have researched not only the iffy fundamentals of your stock but more importantly the death spiral the stock is caught. Check out the chart yourself. From its high on 2/7/2011 of $10.29 this has been in distribution and now trades at less than a third of that number. beware "catching the falling knife". Hope your boat stays afloat, trade with discipline.

Thank you CI Staff for your diligent work in researching truly worthwhile investment ideas.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 3 years ago:

Mr. Selnick:

The reasons why REFR is not in the Shadow Stock portfolio:

- Price less than $4
- Negative earnings for trailing 12 months and last fiscal quarter
- Price-to-book-value ratio greater than 0.8
- Price-to-sales ratio greater than 1.2

In order to be considered for the portfolio, a company must pass a set of quantitative filters, most of which REFR failed.

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA, editor, Computerized Investing

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