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Sharing AAII Content

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Web 2.0 is a concept that has been transforming the way we interact online. The term is commonly associated with Web applications that facilitate information sharing and collaboration on the Internet. Our recent redesign of attempts to embrace some of those Web 2.0 elements, including opportunities for members to share content with non-AAII members.

With the redesign of, members can now share AAII articles and other content through a variety of social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter, or e-mail articles to friends.

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SRM from NV posted over 7 years ago:

It seems this is an effort to dilute the value of our paid membership in order to get AAII content in the public domain for marketing purposes. These sharing services are anything but controlled or private.

I do not recall the membership being surveyed about this. However, by permitting such sharing, all we really need is one paid member to share content with the rest of the globe.

It also devalues the investment information AAII presents. As a much larger (and non-paying) investor market acts on that information, it will neutralize the value to AAII members, unless the members acted on it first.

This seems like a move to increase AAII income rather than to serve the paying membership.

Michael from MD posted over 7 years ago:

The comment of Stephen from Nevada reflects my own thoughts upon reading about the general availability of AAII articles and information.
It does raise the question "What's the point of membership"?

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA from IL posted over 7 years ago:

Thank you for your feedback. We are respectful of the benefits of AAII membership, but we also recognize that our members are the best ambassadors for spreading the educational benefits of becoming an AAII member. Our mission is to educate individual investors and feel it is in the best interest of all our members and for the survival of the association to expose the outside world to AAII. We are monitoring the use and impact article sharing, and we will adjust our policies if it dilutes the value of membership or if members decide not to participate.

Brad from IL posted over 7 years ago:

Well put, Stephen from Nevada.

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