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Adarian Money 5.3

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Adarian Money is a personal finance software that supports a number of reports and charts showing your complete financial status. The program allows you to create budgets for your income and expenses and reminds you when bills are due. The software package also supports investments, including stocks, funds and bonds.

Adarian Money has a wide range of features and capabilities. The program allows users to enter all their transactions and keeps a running log. The transactions are split into categories and sub-categories. Templates are also provided to make data entry easier. In addition, Adarian Money keeps track of all investment activities and provides various reports that present current holdings, portfolio value, investment performance, and realized and unrealized gains and losses. For accounts, the program allows users to enter limits and will warn users of overdrafts or when a credit limit is about to be reached.

Out of the 14 available reports, several are especially worth highlighting. The current status report provides an overview of your financial status. This report shows total expenses and income and how they compare with budgeted income and expenses. Investment holdings, along with current market values of each, are also provided. The summary report provides financial summaries for past periods, including net worth at the end of the period and income, budget and investment activities during the period. Finally, the bills calendar shows upcoming and overdue scheduled transactions for the coming month or quarter.

The program is able to handle recurring transactions in a variety of ways. There are 14 separate transaction frequencies available, including weekly, monthly, twice a month and yearly. For non-regular transactions, you may select the individual due dates for each transaction. The processing of the transactions can be completed in several ways—automatic insert, which automatically records the transactions in the database; ask the user, which allows the user to handle the transaction record when it’s due; remind the user, which displays a message in the system tray when a transaction is due; and overdue silently, which will simply record the transaction as overdue after the transaction date.

Adarian Money provides an extensive user guide that explains each section of the program in detail. A full version of Adarian Money costs $30, or you can download a fully operational free trial.

Adarian Money 5.3

System Requirements: Windows XP and above

Size: 5.6MB

Price: $30.00; free trial




Bob from AZ posted over 6 years ago:

It looks like a nice program but it currently doesn't seem to support importing investment transactions. To me this makes it quite useless. I don't want to have to manually type in many years of stock transaction when I should be able to download them from my brokers and import them to the program.

M from SC posted over 6 years ago:

If Bob is correct, then the program is not useful to me either.

Can it export to tax programs?

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