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Bloomberg TV+

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The new, and free, Bloomberg TV+ app allows you to view the financial and business news provider on your iPad and access on-demand programming. When you watch a live stream of Bloomberg TV on your iPad or choose an archived program, the app displays the bios of guests and people mentioned on the program and stock information on companies mentioned. The app also provides the Bloomberg TV schedule, and you can set it to alert you 30 seconds prior to the show’s start.

Besides streaming live programming, the Bloomberg TV+ app provides a number of on-demand videos, as well as a scrolling ticker of stock quotes and market information along the bottom of the app. You can also download video clips to your playlist for offline viewing and share video clips via Twitter, Facebook and email.


Fans of Bloomberg TV will enjoy this free app. Besides being able to stream live programming, you can download video clips for offline viewing. The app itself is clean and easy-to-navigate, making it a worthwhile addition to your iPad.

Bloomberg TV+

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