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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset is a distinct service for both novice and experienced technical analysts. Experienced traders will find the service convenient, and it can provide a second opinion that may help traders make better decisions. However, novice traders have the most to gain from this service, as it provides watch lists and an abundance of detailed charts that are explained quite well.

At the heart of the website is its newsletters and the watch lists. The longest and most detailed newsletters are released every Sunday evening. These provide upward of 30 annotated charts at varying time intervals that analyze the market, precious metals and commodities. What makes these particularly useful for novice traders is that, in addition to seeing how charts are annotated and how overlays and indicators can be used, each weekly newsletter comes with over 30 minutes of audio where a chartist explains what each chart shows in greater detail. This feature alone may make it worth checking out the website, because it will undoubtedly help novice traders become much better at technical analysis. Shorter intraweek newsletters are also provided from Monday through Thursday.

The watch list is another useful feature, although it is geared to swing trading. Traders can see which securities are being monitored, which have been triggered and historical performance of completed trades. The watch list also indicates what pattern triggered the security, what the breakpoint was, what the stop and target price should be and much more. Moreover, the watch list also contains audio that explains why certain securities are on the watch list and why they were triggered.

The mechanical systems section of the website specifies the parameters of various systems and explains the strategies. Users will learn the background and rules of each system, how to use them on a chart and how to view backtest results to see if the system has historical merit.

Individuals who enjoy collaborating with other traders or have questions regarding trading will appreciate the Trading Community section of Breakpoint Trades. This section acts as a forum for users to post their ideas, opinion and questions related to trading. Users are also provided with their own inbox, where they can send and receive private messages from other users.

The free three-week trial membership grants access to most features and does not require a credit card. Moreover, the website provides sample newsletters, a signup for free newsletters as well as other offers.

Breakpoint Trades Corp.

Price: Free 21-day trial; $79 per month; $210 per three months; $240 per six months


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