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Business Wire

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Business Wire has the most comprehensive news and disclosure network in the world, making it the global market leader in commercial press release distribution. This wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway issues a host of daily news announcements that have a dramatic impact on capital and commercial markets around the globe, in virtually every industry and sector. The website,, is completely free and is compatible with all major browsers.

Users are not required to register, but registering is free and allows users to create multiple portfolios for custom news feeds. On the website’s home page, users can find all Business Wire news relevant to a company by selecting Company Name or Ticker from the Search News dropdown menu on the top right and entering the company’s name or ticker, respectively. Users can also adjust the date range for the news they wish to view.

Users should keep in mind that the filter they select from the Search News dropdown will greatly affect results. For example, selecting Ticker and entering AAPL will show news specifically about Apple, such as their recent dividend plans and latest products; however, selecting Entire Release and entering AAPL will show all the news that mentions Apple, such as news about a company that produces an iPad accessory.

As previously mentioned, registered users can create multiple portfolios, with different filters, and monitor all the news for that portfolio on one page. After logging in, users will find their default portfolio open on Business Wire’s home page under the My News section. Under the News Interest dropdown, users can select the portfolio they wish to view, create a new portfolio, and make changes to the current portfolio. Users can also have their default portfolio’s customized Business Wire headlines emailed to them from the News Email tab, located just below Business Wire’s Home tab. When creating or changing a portfolio, users can filter the news they receive by companies, industries, subjects and more.

For instance, if a user wants news on mining and mineral resources in the United States; he or she would first select Industry from the Choose a Category dropdown menu, then Natural Resources from the options listed below, then Mining/Minerals. Finally, click Add >>. He or she would then select Geography from the Choose a Category dropdown, then choose United States and click Add >>. If for some reason the user did not want specific news about Arch Coal Inc, then in the Refine Your Interests window, he or she would select Ticker and then Does Not Exactly Match, enter ACI and click Add >>.

Another great feature for registered users is the My Companies window on the home page. The window displays a list of tickers, with their quote and percent change, which the user can change and add to by selecting “Change Settings.” Users should keep in mind that quotes are delayed between 15 and 20 minutes.

Selecting the company’s ticker in the My Companies window will divert the user to the Business Wire news feed for that ticker. Selecting the graph icon will open a popup displaying the company’s chart, data, and various interactive features. One such feature is the Comparisons window, which allows users to compare multiple stocks or indexes. For example, this chart shows Microsoft (black line), Apple (green line) and the S&P 500 (blue line).

These are just of few of the many useful features offered on Business Wire. Other features include its mobile application, RSS News Feeds, and more. Business Wire is free to use and highly customizable, making it of great value to any investor, especially those who wish to view customized news feeds.

Business Wire


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