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There are a bevy of high-quality personal finance websites available on the Internet, and Buxfer is one of the best. The site offers the ability to import all your credit card and bank accounts and will keep track of changes to each account. Furthermore, the projections area is a section that is very useful and unique to this site.

Buxfer is very easy to use and simple to set up. After pulling up the homepage, you can create an account by clicking on the “Sign up for FREE” icon and entering your e-mail address and a password. After setting up and logging into your account, you can import your bank and credit card transactions directly into the program. Providing Buxfer with your login information will allow the site to synchronize with your online bank and credit card accounts so that the transactions can be downloaded. From here onward, any credits and debits to your accounts will be automatically populated into Buxfer. Furthermore, you can set up reminders for upcoming bills and income paychecks.

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JP from CA posted over 7 years ago:

Looks very interesting,
I will look into it. I have been using Meca MYM since the 80 but my new iMacOS10.66 does not handle Classic anymore and any other program is not up to MYM...enough said!

Francis from SC posted over 7 years ago:

Looks like a good service my only concern is in leaving my bank info. out there. How safe is it since I will be using accounts?

Douglas from ME posted over 7 years ago:

I agree that MYM was an excellent program, unmatched in numerous ways by Quicken, which I have used since the early 90s because it supports electronic account info downloads. Having moved to a Mac, it may be time to ditch Q also. Will look at Buxfer.

Warren from FL posted over 7 years ago:

I have security concerns.

Jogikal from WA posted over 7 years ago:

How does Mint compare with Buxfer?

Melita from CA posted over 7 years ago:

Never figured out how to use mint. There's more to add than just bank and credit cards- Like investments. Especially when you're retired.

Geoffrey from PA posted over 6 years ago:

I'd be interested to know what Buxfer supposedly offers that Quicken doesn't. I took a cursory look at buxfer and I can't find anything there that Q doesn't do. Given the monumental hassle of switching, can anyone give me a compelling reason to do so?

Thx, Geoff

Skeptik from LA posted over 6 years ago:

One would have to be quite insane to provide the type of information required to a cloud site that could be owned (now or later) by someone or something that would exploit that information.

Joe from IL posted over 6 years ago:

Buxfer is a different choice and is one of the better personal financial management websites we've used.

As far as features go, Buxfer is not necessary better, or more powerful than Quicken. As a matter for fact, software-based programs usually offer more features, but are more expensive.

Both Quicken and Buxfer are two of the stronger financial management systems. The review is meant to give users another option.

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