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Candlestix: Stock Charting for Android

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Candlestix: Stock Charting is a free Android app from Derrick Weis that allows users to plot candlestick charts for a number of symbols and overlay a basic collection of technical indicators. The app supports U.S. and foreign exchanges, but unfortunately, there is no indication of the breadth of its coverage. It definitely supports Amex, NASDAQ and NYSE stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), along with those that trade over the counter and as pink sheets. I also found tickers from the London, Shanghai, Australian, Taiwan, and Bombay exchanges.

You can plot candlestick charts on an intraday, daily or weekly basis. Intraday charts are available in one-minute and five-minute periods. One drawback is that data is rather limited. For example, you can only plot 90 days of daily data.

You have a rudimentary collection of overlays from which to choose. These include simple and exponential moving averages in several predefined periods, Bollinger bands, MACD and RSI. All of the indicators are predefined, meaning you cannot adjust their underlying calculation settings.


If you are a fan of candlestick charts, Candlestix may be worth checking out. It is free, so there is no risk. If the developer defines the app’s symbol coverage, expands the number of periods the app can plot, and allows users to modify the underlying indicators, they may well have a winner on their hands. For now, Candlestix does a decent job of plotting a wide array of global tickers along with a basic collection of technical indicators.

Candlestix: Stock Charting for Android





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