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CCleaner 3.24

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CCleaner is a completely free and effective program for ridding your PC of unused and unwanted files that slow it down. The software is fast, contains no spyware or adware and has been the trusted choice of many for years. In addition to removing unused files, such as Windows Log Files, CCleaner can also clean up a user’s browser and the computer’s registry. The currently supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

With other programs, users often find that more was deleted than they expected and wanted. CCleaner gives you the flexibility to choose what type of information you want to delete and keep. For instance, if you like that the browser saves your passwords so you do not have to keep re-typing them, CCleaner allows you to uncheck “Saved Passwords” so you will not lose them.

The registry cleaner is exceptionally useful, as it will remove obsolete and damaged software that is unused and slows down the computer. Unlike a browser’s cache, registry files are much more difficult to search through manually and they build up quite quickly. Users may be surprised to find how many useless registry files are on their computer.

Finally, the Tools tab allows users to uninstall programs, manage their startup applications, manage system restore points and wipe their hard drive. Creating a new restore point regularly is a great and easy way to ensure that there is a quick fix to most problems you encounter on the PC because it restores your computer to an earlier date when everything worked. Another issue with many computers is that they take a long time to start up. The Startup feature of CCleaner shows you the programs that start up with your computer and allows you to disable them. The more unnecessary programs there are, the longer it will take the computer to turn on.

Piriform Ltd

System Requirements: Windows (Mac version available)

Size: 3.82 MB

Price: Free; Professional $24.95; Business Edition $34.95


Pradeep Bheda from CA posted over 5 years ago:

This download link is broken , please correct

Dennis Anderson from NE posted over 5 years ago:

Yes, the download is free, but it won't do anything unless you buy it! Now I just have another download I have to get rid of!

Why do you advertise this product as "free?"

Frank Van de kerkhove from MA posted over 5 years ago:

Dennis -
I had the same problem but found the download at
- Frank

David Anders from TX posted over 5 years ago:

It is free, I have used it for 5 years. It's great. You do have to search a bit for the link to download the free version, but it should be there. The paid version apparently give some rights to assistance which I have not used.

Robert Powell from AZ posted over 5 years ago:

Thanks for the previous comments. The address Frank left worked perfect.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 5 years ago:


I only use the FREE version on all my PCs and it does everything I need it to do. I am not sure what your are referring to. I believe you are asked to register or make a donation or but you do not have to pay for anything for it to operate.

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA
Editor, Computerized Investing

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